Cocoyea Open Bible was amongst many Open Bible churches started by the Student Gospel Teams of the Open Bible Institute in the late 1950s.  These teams comprised the first students of the Open Bible Institute, one of which was Rev. Benjamin Hunte.  Cocoyea Open Bible’s first location was in a wooden dwelling house on the Naparima Mayaro Road, Cocoyea San Fernando.  Under the leading of Rev. Lenard Bunbury the wooden house was renovated to a church like appearance in the early 1960s.  Shortly after the anointed man of God Rev. Hubert Drakes a graduate of the Open Bible Institute took over leadership of the church.

Baptism Candidates 1960'sCocoyea Open Bible Church Members in the 1960'sRev. Fitzroy and Angela Griffith

In 1966 Rev. Fitzroy and Angela Griffith became the new pastors of the church.  It was under their leadership that they constructed a new church building on the same location.  During their residence at Cocoyea many notable persons in the Open Bible family were married at the church, these include Rev. Dr. Andy and Ann-Marie Homer, Rev. Simon and Maureen Mc Barnett and Rev.Dr. LeRoy and Anna Haynes.  The lives and teaching of Rev. Fitzroy and Angela Griffith played an important role in the lives of the congregation as well as the community.  They faithfully served the Cocoyea congregation for 12 years.

Cocoyea  Open Bible Church 1972Cocoyea Open Bible Church old daysCocoyea Open Bible Church early days

In 1972, Rev. Hollister and Muriel Jackson took over the stewardship of the church.  As a result of the foundation laid by the previous pastors Cocoyea became a community based church and continued to prosper under the Jackson’s.  During the tenure of the Jackson’s they were ably assisted by Pastor Haniff Mohammed, Pastor Fabien & Althea Joseph.  As the church progressed Sis. Jackson developed an Early Child Care Centre on the compound of the church.

From 1990 to present, Rev. Dr. LeRoy and Anna Haynes were appointed to the church.  As the years past the membership of the church grew steadily under their leadership, and they were quickly out growing their church.

Rev. Dr. Haynes under the leading of the Holy Spirit decided to construct a new church on the property he acquired at #13 Forress Avenue Cocoyea, San Fernando. After much uncertainty, Rev.Dr. Haynes followed through on the construction plans.  Construction was completed in the year 2000 and in 2001 Cocoyea Open Bible relocated from Naparima Mayaro Road to #13 Forress Avenue Cocoyea, where it is presently located today with 400 members.

Rev & Sis Haynes 1995Construction of Cocoyea Open Bible ChurchConstruction of the Church, before completion

Church dedication 2001Church after completion

Today we are still carrying out the motto of our church “Saving Souls, Building Lives” under the anointed servants of God Rev.Dr. LeRoy and Anna Haynes.